News – Saudi Arabia – 2011-09-09

Published: September 9, 2011

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9.9.11 EDITION

9/11 Remembered: ‘A Wake-Up Call For Saudi Arabia’: THE NATIONAL

Caryle Murphy | 9/9/11

“The fact that 15 of the 19 suicide hijackers who killed nearly 3,000 people on September 11, 2001, including many Muslims, were Saudi was bound to mean that Saudi Arabia would feel the ramifications of the most lethal terrorist attack ever on the United States. Over the past decade, those consequences have covered a wide spectrum, from foreign policy to sermons at Friday prayers…”

Aramco Readies Launch of Products Trading Unit: TRADE ARABIA


“Saudi Aramco executives are meeting in Singapore this week to finalise the setting up of a trading unit for refined petroleum products by the end of this year as the world’s top oil producer seeks to expand business beyond traditional term clients.”

Saudi Arabia and Morocco Lead Solar Demand in MENA: CONSTRUCTION WEEK ONLINE

Gavin Davids | 9/8/11

“Saudi Arabia and Morocco are two of the strongest markets in the Middle East when it comes to solar demand, a new report by Lux Research has shown.”

Saudi Arabia and Japan: Embracing a Common Future: SAUDI GAZETTE

Shigeru Endo | 9/8/11

“Since the inception of diplomatic relationship in 1955, Japan and Saudi Arabia have been enjoying close relations, in particular in the economic field. Japan is now one of the biggest importers of Saudi oil. The trade exceeded 43 billion US dollars in 2010. Japan’s direct investment in the Kingdom is now the third largest. Such relationship can be characterized by ‘complementarity’.”

Foreigners in Saudi Remitted over $29bn in 2010: EMIRATES 24/7


“Foreign workers in Saudi Arabia remitted home record high funds of more than $29 billion in 2010, maintaining its position as the region’s largest source of hard currency for labour-export nations.”

China Main Market for Saudi Non-Oil Products: SAUDI GAZETTE


“China became the largest market for Saudi Arabia’s non-oil exports in July, supplanting the United Arab Emirates, the National Commercial Bank said in its weekly report Tuesday.”

Saudi Arabia Leads GCC Stock Market Fall in Aug.: TIMES OF OMAN


“In the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the report said, all bourses ended the month of August on a lower note, led by the Saudi market, which shedding 6.46 per cent of its value by the end of the month.”

Egypt Sees Billions in Aid from Saudi, UAE Soon: ASHARQ ALAWSAT


“Egypt expects to reach a loan agreement with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates worth several billions of dollars each soon, while another $500 million should come from the Arab Monetary Fund.”

Work Resumes on Stalled Road Projects in Saudi Eastern Region: ZAWYA


“Work on eight stalled road construction projects in Saudi Arabia’s eastern region has resumed and the projects are expected to be completed this year.”

Arab Spring Hits Tourism in MENA: THE NATIONAL

Rebecca Bundhun | 9/9/11

“Tourism to the Middle East and North Africa declined sharply in the first half of the year, going against an international trend of growth in arrivals to record levels. But there are some signs of recovery in parts of the region, the UN World Tourism Organization said in its latest report.”

Kingdom is Gulf’s Largest Perfume Market: SAUDI GAZETTE


“Saudi Arabia is the Gulf’s largest regional market for fragrances, accounting for $827.5 million last year; the UAE was in second place with $205.8 million, according to consumer research firm Euromonitor International. By 2014, it expects fragrance sales to have grown 14.4 percent in Saudi Arabia and 16.5 percent in the UAE.”

Emirates Seals Saudi Soccer League Deal: TRADE ARABIA


“Dubai carrier Emirates has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Zain Saudi Professional League, becoming the official partner and official airline of the league.”

Saudi League Kicks Off Friday: ARAB NEWS

Naif Muhammad | 9/8/11

The new Saudi Football League season kicks off Friday with three matches taking place.

More News and Commentary from SUSTG


“For years, posters celebrating the decades-old alliance joining Syria and Iran festooned the streets and automobiles of the Syrian capital — the images of Presidents Bashar al-Assad and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad embroidered with roses and daffodils,” writes Neil MacFarquhar (NYT). “But that alliance is now strained, and on Thursday, President Ahmadinejad of Iran became the most recent, and perhaps the most unexpected, world leader to call for President Assad to end his violent crackdown of an uprising challenging his authoritarian rule in Syria.” ARAB LEAGUE MEMBERSHIP UNDER FIRE: “Syria’s Arab League membership is today believed to be under threat with the continuance of the popular uprising in Syria, and the al-Assad regime’s violent and brutal response to this. A well-informed Arab League source, speaking to Asharq Al-Awsat on the condition of anonymity, revealed that the Arab League is set to discuss the issue of freezing Syria’s Arab League membership at the Arab foreign ministers meet in Cairo next week, particularly in light of the Bashar al-Assad regime’s continued use of violence to suppress the unarmed Syrian protesters,” Sawsan Abu-Husain and Salah Jumaa (Asharq Alawsat) reports. OPPOSITION LOBBIES MOSCOW FOR SUPPORT: “Syria’s opposition leaders said they expected more support from Russia on Friday after President Dmitry Medvedev accused some of those protesting against Bashar al-Assad of being “terrorists,” AFP reports.


“The new governor of Libya’s central bank says the former regime sold about 20 percent of the country’s gold reserves to cover salaries amid the uprising that ousted Muammar Gaddafi,” Asharq Alawsat reports. OIL PRODUCTION SHAKEN UP: Libya’s interim government is “drafting a proposal that would shrink the responsibilities of the National Oil Corp. (NOC) to make it a purely commercial organization, a member of the interim government has said,” Reuters reports. FIGHTERS MOVE TO ‘TIGHTEN NOOSE’ AROUND GADDAFI: “Forces from the Libyan National Transitional Council claimed control of a town near Muammar Qaddafi’s birthplace of Sirte even as the elusive leader taunted them in an audio recording and said he was still in the country,” Bloomberg reports.


“A delegation from Yemen’s ruling party has headed to Saudi Arabia to seek permission from President Ali Abdullah Saleh for his deputy to negotiate a power transfer plan with the opposition, according to a party official,” Al Jazeera reports.


“The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, said Thursday that last-ditch American and international efforts to prevent the Palestinians from applying for membership in the United Nations this month were “too late,” Isabel Kershner (NYT) reports.


“The upstream growth plans of the world’s two biggest oil trading companies took a big step forward on Thursday as Iraq pre-qualified Glencore and Vitol to bid for billions of barrels of oil exploration rights next January,” Trade Arabia reports.


Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said his country will in future escort aid ships travelling to the Gaza Strip. Speaking to Al Jazeera, Mr. Erdogan also said Turkey had taken steps to prevent Israel unilaterally exploiting natural resources in the eastern Mediterranean.


Right after publication of the United Nations-authorized Palmer report on the Mavi Marmara incident last week, Turkey took a very bold step against Israel. On Friday, September 2, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu faced the cameras to announce strong measures that included expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to Ankara, suspension of all military agreements between the two countries, and a vow to protect the “safety of maritime navigation in the eastern Mediterranean,” writes Mustafa Akyol (Bitter Lemons). “Then, less than an hour later, Turkish President Abdullah Gul, who held Davutoglu’s post before 2007, told journalists that Turkey does not recognize the Palmer report. “For us,” he said, “it simply does not exist.” The reason for this Turkish rejection of the report was both its content and the timing of its leak to the press.


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